Winter Cross Project – Day 1

How appropriate that I begin this project on December 25th! I honestly didn’t plan it out this way. Since I’ve just finished stitching the Warthog it is time to go onto the next project. I definitely do NOT have a lack of things to stitch.

I have decided that this will be my next project. This is part of a series where there is a cross for each season. My idea is to stitch all four and then change them out to correspond with the time of year. I thought that if I started work on the Winter cross then there’s a good chance I’ll actually have it done and framed in time to display it next year. Yeah! I already know where it’s going to hang in my house.

Winter Cross 12-24-13There are 34 colors of embroidery floss in this project, which is a LOT less than what was called out in the Warthog.

One thing that I did change is that the pattern says that this was stitched on seafoam green aida cloth. I’m not really a fan of seafoam green or aida cloth. As I was searching through my preferred 32ct evenweave it suddenly hit me… it needs sparkle.

Winter Cross MaterialI tried to get a decent picture, but you can somewhat see the sparkle in the cloth. This is opalescent fabric. It has threads of sparkle weaved into it so that it glints at you as you look at it. It’s not overwhelming and I think that it will really set off this pattern nicely. I paid a bit more for it than I would have for the regular antique white that I prefer, but it will be worth it.


Thus begins another cross stitch project. This will mainly be worked on during my lunch breaks at work, so it might not progress very quickly. And there are a LOT of French knots on this (which I am not at all fond of!), but I’m hoping that it will be an enjoyable and inspirational stitch.

Merry Christmas!!


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