A Gift From Bob

Poor Bobs!This is Bob. He is a very silly cat who is a momma’s boy and gets grumpy if he doesn’t get his way. He also likes to run and is the skinniest cat that I’ve ever had. Ever. I am trying to fatten him up, but I can’t afford to exclusively feed him his Fancy Feast Appetizers.

This is the same cat who will sit and glare at his food dish if he can see even the tiniest little piece of the bottom of his dish. Yes, he glares at it.

I suspect that he is the one who presented me with a nice gift…

Bob's Mouse 9-20-13I have shrunk this picture in the hopes that it doesn’t freak anybody out. If it makes you feel better, the mouse is just ‘sleeping’.

I discovered this mouse Friday morning when I was making coffee. I had heard Bob running around playing with something during the middle of the night, but I had assumed that it was one of his toys. Now, to be fair I suppose that Chester could have possibly been the one to put it ‘to sleep’…

SupervisingHmmm… Okay, so maybe she didn’t chase it down or pounce on it. After all, when she is watching the birds she can’t help but chitter at them so you would think that anything she is preying on would hear her coming. Unless…

It might have been an old, feeble, and blind mouse. He was only one blind mouse… his two brothers wandered off without him. So there he was, wandering around aimlessly when Chester came along. She decided that the five steps she had taken was way too much and needed to rest. Without seeing the mouse she laid on him and suffocated him. She thought that she felt something wiggle beneath her, but it might just be her stomach digesting her dinner. When she got up Bob saw the flattened mouse and claimed it for his own.

You see, he was tossing it around in the hopes of getting it breathing. He’s never been taught how to do CPR on a mouse, so it was the only way he could think of to possibly get it to breath again. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, so he brought it up so that I could give the poor little thing a Navy-style burial at sea (that’s where I told Bob that stuff goes when it gets flushed down the toilet). I think that Bob is getting a bit arrogant about catching the mouse, though. He goes on mouse patrol a few times a day (and who knows how many times at night!), and I’m hoping that he never sees any more. I don’t dare put D-Con in the basement in case a mouse does eat it and then Bob gets ahold of the mouse. *sigh* Let’s just hope that Bob can continue to ‘put them to sleep.’

Cat Tales

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1 Response to A Gift From Bob

  1. Jamie says:

    I’m so glad your furry babies catch mice! (At least one of them, and even if it is only inadvertently.) Nenya considers mice crunchy and yummy when covered in dirt, but inside the house neither one has the LEAST bit of interest in chasing or killing the little terrors! Apparently, once they make it in the house, they are entirely my problem. *sigh* Here’s hoping you don’t find any more “gifts”!!

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