A-10 Warthog Cross Stitch Update

Warthog 9-9-13I didn’t update, so you will get two update pictures this week. Aren’t you lucky?!!

Okay, so this is how my cross stitched picture looked two weeks ago. I was making progress on the jet and it was really starting to pop.



Warthog 9-17-13As of 9-17-13 we had almost an entire left wing. I really concentrated on it this week because I’m still avoiding the blue of the sky. I’m not going to be able to avoid it for much longer, but I’m doing my best to do so!




Warthog Cross Stitch 9-23-13And here it is today, 9-23-13. I’ve managed to get a little more done, but it just doesn’t feel like I’ve really accomplished much. A lot of what I worked on this week were little onesy-twosy stitches here and there. This is what happens when you convert a picture into a cross stitch pattern… it doesn’t care if it seems like an odd place to have a color, it pixelates it and does what it thinks is best.


The sad thing is that this picture might be celebrating a soon-to-be obsoleted jet. The Air Force is seriously thinking about eliminating the entire fleet of A-10’s from the Air Force. I don’t know enough about the jet to be able to make a logical and reasoned argument as to why it should not be eliminated, but let’s just say that I will be VERY sad if it is.

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