A-10 Warthog Cross Stitch Update 9-9-13

A-10 Warthog Cross Stitch 8-27-13Some more time has rolled on and stitches have been added, so I thought that I would post another update.

Here is the Warthog as of 8-27-13.

I guess that you can see the jet starting to come out of the fabric. Well, let’s see how we look this week…

Warthog 9-9-13I guess that it is filling in! When you look at it every day and you know that you’re not doing very large blocks of color at a time then you don’t realize how much you’ve done. That’s one of the reasons why I do this. I like seeing the progress myself.

I have to admit that I’m becoming rather impressed with this piece. It might end up being a really great picture once it’s all stitched and framed. It’s going to be a while before that happens (I still have a LOT of sky to stitch), but I love seeing the jet come alive.

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