Squirrel Hunting

Bob SleepingThere are times when it’s hard being a cat in my house. I mean, there are only so many hours in a day and there is a LOT of sleeping to do! It’s a rough life. Oliver Twist and his hard-knock life have nothing on my cats.

Lingerie Chest4

My cats are both indoor cats. They are NOT allowed outside. At all. Ever. They have learned this very well because the one time that Bob fell out of the bathroom window (first floor of the house) he was freaked out and trying to jump back INTO the house through that window (which was about 7 feet off of the ground). He almost made it, too.

Bob and Chester StalkingThis is when I feel bad about keeping them inside. Jay refers to this move that Bob is doing as ‘Bob melting into the floor’. They are both attempting to hunker down… ears flat against their heads… and Bob is just barely peeking up over the edge of the screen. The bird feeder is out there and sometimes the sparrows or morning doves will walk up onto the porch to get the seed that has fallen onto the porch. Perhaps that’s what the cats were watching…

Cats Squirrel Hunting

Nope. It was a giant rodent! Jay has referred to it as a giant chipmunk. lol All the cats know is that they are supposed to chase it and eat it. Is it mean that I keep them from being able to act on their natural instinct? Is it terrible that I torture the cats by feeding the birds so that they can watch them? Chester loves watching the morning doves, and Bob prefers the rabbit or chipmunk that periodically show up. Am I a mean momma?

Bob and Chester Watching

Oops… there it goes. Oh well, it will be back. When it does reappear I will once again be wondering if I’m terrible by enticing the rodents and birds in where the cats can see them. *sigh*

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1 Response to Squirrel Hunting

  1. Jamie says:

    Maybe they just consider it entertainment, kind of like reality tv for cats? Seems like they get the best of both worlds – they can look all ferocious, melting into the floor, but never actually have to bother trying to catch the critters, with all the hot, sweaty work that would be!
    Until they start trying to claw through the door to get at them, I’d say you’re good. 🙂

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