To See Or Not to See…

Me and KimberlyI thought that I would do a fun, weird, and typically ‘Kerry’ type of post today. Something whimsical, but also something that you won’t really learn too much about. I think that Jay might find this one interesting, though, so Jay if you’re reading this… keep going.

Wasn’t I a cute kid? A little odd, but cute. Little did I realize that this picture would become a foretelling of my future…






My Giant GlassesThat was back around 1990 when fashion frames were very popular. Yes, I used to curl my bangs, too. Oh, and this was my birthday so as you can see I was really in HIGH fashion with my giant underwear that I received as a gift! lol  Jay is one LUCKY man! 😉

I really did need glasses. My parents were both nearsighted, as were my grandparents. My younger sister got glasses around the same time that I did, too. Hers weren’t nearly as large, though. Nope. She wasn’t nearly as cool as I was!

Jay has always asked me to describe what it looks like when I don’t have my glasses on. I can tell people that I am blind as a bat, but unless you yourself are nearsighted then you really have no clue. Jay has eyes like a hawk (lucky!) so my goal was to be able to show him what I see when I don’t have my glasses on. I found a site that had a good example…

Hello, puppy! With my glasses on if I stood five feet away from this dog I would be able to see him clearly.






And here is what this same dog would look like if I took my glasses off. This would still be at a distance of five feet or so. Actually, based on an experiment that I just did with Chester (she has a pretty clearly defined pattern in her fur) the spots on this dog would be even blurrier. I can see that it’s a dog, but it’s basically just a blur of color to me.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live with that kind of vision all of the time?

Actually, that might explain a LOT of my choices that are currently hanging in my closet. Hmm..

Easter 1983

Wait! Nope, I refuse to accept that. After all, based upon my genetic code… I can make anything look good! This is the perfect example:


My dad would not look nearly as good in his orange suit if I hadn’t been standing next to him.






Bikini Babe 1982

I could have been a supermodel…

If things had gone differently I could be on the catwalk right now… strutting my stuff in the latest and hottest fashions.








Kerry's Piano Recital

Women would want to be me…

Men would want to date me…

Hairstylists would be itching to chop my hair off (even as a famous supermodel I would not allow them to cut my hair… not happening!)….




Kerry's RecitalTeenaged girls would be trying to copy my style…

Poor delusional souls. Don’t they realize that this


can’t be made? Nope. There is only one being who could possibly have the talent enough to create such a perfect being, even with my giant glasses. After all, I was made in His image. Man, is God good looking or what??

Kerry As A Fashionista

Yep. It’s a good thing that I’m not a world famous model. I wouldn’t have time to play with the cats or give Jay a back rub. I wouldn’t have time to play piano or refinish the dresser that is still a work in progress. Nope. I would be too busy trying to make every party I was invited to, even though that would be impossible because EVERYBODY would invite me. *sigh* I am exhausted just thinking about it.






My 14th Birthday

“Lord it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way….”














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