A-10 Warthog Cross Stitch Update 8-27-13

Now that I’ve finished stitching my quilt square I can get back to work on Jay’s Warthog. I think that I needed a break from it because all of that blue was starting to get to me.

Warthog 9-16-12Holy smokes! This appears to be the last picture that I took of this project. This was taken September 16th of last year!! It has really been almost a year since I last picked it up? That makes sense… between the engagement, wedding, moving, job hunting, and house selling I haven’t had a lot of time to stitch. At least, not until I got a job where I can’t access my email during lunch. lol



A-10 Warthog Cross Stitch 8-27-13As I add more colors I can see the jet really start to come out. I was worried that this would end up being an abstract-type of picture, but it might end up better than anticipated!

The only thing that matters is that Jay is happy with it. After all, I don’t think that he’s ever had a girlfriend make anything for him. Now that I’m his wife, though, and I’ve made him wing bags and a prop cover this will all be old hat for him. “Yeah, she made me something else… big deal…” 😉

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