My Newest Hobby

Silly BobThis is Bob. Bob has three main purposes in life: eat, poop, and shed. This last purpose contributes to my newest hobby (at least, according to Jay it is my new hobby). I found out a few years ago that I’m very allergic to cats. What?! Allergic to cats? Since I was unwilling to give up my cats I knew that it meant I would have to keep the cat dander down to a minimum. I also am unable to say ‘No’ to my cats, so they sleep with me at night. That means that my quilts get covered in a fine layer of cat fur and dander.

So how does this all relate to my newest hobby? Jay claims that doing laundry is one of my hobbies because I’m always doing it. Between my clothes, his clothes, the towels and the linens we manage to have quite the pile of laundry. When we moved into our house we brought Jay’s washer and dryer with us. They had some years on them, but I think that the washer threw a fit that it was being used so often. It started to give me trouble and eventually I would have to babysit it every time because it would stop during the middle of the cycle when the tub was full of water. Not fun. Jay says that I broke it, but I maintain that it was just lazy. lol

Laundry never stops, so we started looking around to see what was available. Jay’s washer was tiny, only about 3.6 cu ft or so. It made washing my quilts very difficult because you had to squish them in there. When we were looking around some of my stipulations were that it was at least a 4.0 cu ft washer and I did NOT want a front loader. I know a handful of people who have front loaders and love them, but at this point they aren’t worth the extra cost to me. You see, I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. We stumbled across a set around the beginning of July that we felt we just couldn’t pass up because the deal was really great.

This is my new toy! It is an LG washer and I really love it. I wasn’t interested in an HE machine, but the price was right and the size was perfect. It’s 4.5 cu ft and I can wash all kinds of things in it!

One of Jay’s favorite features is the fact that it has SmartDiagnosis where if something isn’t working correctly you dial the phone number and hold the phone up to the washer, push a button, and the washer talks to the computer on the other end of the phone. The phone then tells you what’s wrong and how to fix it, or if you need a repair man it tells the repair man what part to take to fix the machine. Hopefully I won’t have to use that feature! My favorite feature (besides the GIANT tub without the center agitator) is the happy little song that it plays when the wash cycle is done. I refer to it as the ‘Happy Little Washer’ song. The dryer plays a Happy Little Dryer tune, as well.

The only thing that I really don’t care for is the fact that it’s controlled by a ton of electronics. I miss the knob that you would turn and pull out. Now if I want certain settings I have to play around and figure out which wash setting is closest so that I can edit it. Also, the wash cycle is LONG. I was used to my wash taking about 30 minutes and the dryer about an hour. Now the wash takes about an hour and the dryer around 30 minutes.

So far, though, so good. I enjoy being able to run larger loads through it. I REALLY love the fact that I will no longer have to take my couch cover to my parents’ house to wash it. I have a washer that it fits into! Woo-hoo! After using my new toys for a little over a month I would definitely recommend them to others.

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