Church Square Update 8-11-13

Church Square 5-17-13Back on May 18th this is what my church square looked like. I had just barely begun to outline the fuselage of the airplane. There was a ton of fabric left to fill in! I would never get this done…






Cross Stitch Church Square 6-26-13On June 26th I had managed to stitch quite a bit of the airplane. It was still missing the tail, a complete wing and part of the other wing, but progress was being made!







Church Square 7-4-13A mere week later, and with the help of a long holiday weekend, I started work on the continents. Maybe it wouldn’t take long for me to get this square done after all…







Church Square 7-29-13A few weeks after that found me working on the border after filling in the continents. I could now begin my outlining!








Church Square 8-11-13And here we are now. The plane is completely outlined… the stops that Amelia Earhart made on her trips are marked… and Jay’s name has appeared at the bottom. The only thing left to do is stitch our last name and then add mine on the right. Once that is done then I get to remove the waste canvas. Don’t forget that this is being stitched on a square of felt, so I had to use the waste canvas in order to do my counted cross stitch. I’ve never used waste canvas before so this will definitely be interesting to see how easily it comes out. Wish me luck!

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