Panther F9F

???????????????????????????????Jay recently had a birthday, and because he’s so very loved and spoiled, he was surprised with a gift. He thought that the Rascal was his birthday gift, but I had already purchased a kit that he was drooling over.




Panther BoxThis is the kit that he had been drooling over. This was purchased from Fan Jets USA, who I would definitely buy from again because the service was excellent. I ordered it on a Monday and I think that it was delivered on either Wednesday or Thursday. It was packaged so that the breakable stuff on the inside didn’t get damaged in shipping… even when I accidently bumped it into the other box in the back of my car.


???????????????????????????????Jay was VERY happy. Most jets arrive as ARF’s (Almost Ready to Fly) so that all you have to do is glue together a few parts, toss your power system in it, a receiver, and a few servos before you take it out flying. This is an actual kit where he will have to build the airframe out of balsa, sheet it and fiberglass it. He really enjoys having these kits to build over the winter when he can’t be out flying.

There won’t be many updates on this jet until next winter, but I had to post this so that you could share his joy. I really like surprising him like that, but it gets harder and harder! Stay tuned for progress pics…


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