Bathroom Project Update 5-18-13

???????????????????????????????This was what the bathroom looked like the last time that I showed you pictures. I had attempted to scrape the liquid nails off of the wall (after tearing down all of that horrid paneling), but as we worked in there we realized that to do it correctly we really needed to completely tear out all of the old stuff and put new stuff in there. *sigh*

We called up somebody who was recommended to us and he gave us a really reasonable quote for doing the demolition and installing the new stuff. We would do the mudding and everything else, we just wanted somebody who knew what they were doing to rip out and reinstall. He came yesterday to do this.

Bathroom New DrywallThis is how it looks now. I was hoping to get in there last night to put the first layer of mud on the wall, but like with all projects there were enough surprises that the poor guy didn’t get done until almost 11:00 pm! He had originally expected to be done no later than 6 pm because it’s not a very big bathroom.

I’ll admit that there’s more finishing work than I realized there would be, and I now have to wash down and dust the entire downstairs because of the dust created with the demolition. Let’s just say that I was feeling a little overwhelmed after they left and I might have shed a few tears. It’s a good thing that I have a wonderful husband who did his best to comfort me.

???????????????????????????????I have to admit that Jay is right, instead of having this as our starting point…







Bathroom Door 5-18-13… we have this as our blank canvas. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it will be fine. It’s just that we have so much going on that it’s going to take longer than I would like to finally get it all put back together. I’ve already lived for a month with my linen closet sitting in boxes in the living room, so I guess that I can go for a little while longer.

It reall makes me admire my parents even more, though. When I was growing up it seemed like we always had a remodeling project going on, and my parents couldn’t afford to hire anybody to do it for them so they did it themselves. My mom lived with her living room being completely torn down to the studs (removing the old horse hair plaster and lath) and ceiling torn down, then drywall going up and all of the finishing required with that… all of that while both of my parents worked full time, my dad farmed when he wasn’t working or remodeling the house, and she had three little girls to take care of, too. Talk about being overwhelmed! Next time I see her I have to give her an extra hug for getting through all of that and managing to stay as sane as she did. No wonder she went gray so early!

Old Floor 5-18-13One of the reasons why it took the contractor so long to do our bathroom is the fact that there were 7 LAYERS on the floor! Yes, that’s right… 7 LAYERS!!! I knew that there were quite a few because the bathroom floor sat about an inch higher than the hallway floor. What happened is that instead of ripping out the old floor when it was bad they just kept adding to it. When I looked down into the back of the truck where the old floor had been thrown I could see at least four different linoleum patterns, and none of those were the ones that had been on the very top that we knew about!

The contractor couldn’t reinstall our toilet last night before leaving because he needed a new wax ring and bolts (the other ones had broken off). Well, there’s one more issue that we have to worry about… because the floor now only has a layer of plywood the bathroom floor is 3/4″ – 1″ lower than it was before. What’s the issue with that? The fact that the pipe for the toilet is now too high for the toilet to properly sit on the floor. *sigh* Jay has a plan for building a platform for the toilet to sit on at the correct height. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t for the fact that this is our ONLY bathroom. We need that toilet functioning! The plan today is for Jay to work on that first thing this morning. Hopefully it goes smoothly!

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