Kavalier Project 2-23-13

My Kavalier 1-24-13I realize that it’s been a while since I last posted pictures of my beautiful Kavalier. There has been one change in the theme of the plane, though, since the last time I posted. Shortly after I posted about doing it in Miami Dolphins colors and honoring Dan Marino I learned that he had just admitted to having an affair and fathering a child… seven years ago. Call me silly, but I have a huge problem with admiring somebody with less than admirable morals. I wouldn’t condone cheating by anybody, and especially not a person who is looked up to as a role model. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s a rich ex-athlete. Morals shouldn’t be shed based on dollar signs. Needless to say, there will no longer be a ’13’ placed on this plane. I still wanted to do it in the Miami colors, but it will represent the team in general. So yes, this plane will probably suck at flying. 😉


Underside of WingJay covered the plane with the colors I had chosen. You can see the underside of my wing, in all of its orange glory. There’s also a green stripe along the leading edge, but it’s difficult to see in this picture.




Gluing the StabilizerIt’s all in white… except for the underside. Jay has never covered a plane with the light color on top and the super-contrasting color on the bottom. I told him that I wanted the orange on the bottom so that no matter what color the sky was behind it I should be able to see its orientation as I’m learning to fly.



PilotI even managed to find the perfect pilot! A friend had given me a personal fan that had the Miami Dolphins colors and this little guy sitting on top. The fan didn’t work so we pried the football player off and saved him for this. I think that he will enjoy the view from here rather than my sweaty face. lol



Miami Colors!Here’s a better picture of the color contrasts. Jay really wasn’t sure what to expect when I told him that I wanted the plane covered in orange, white and aqua, but I think that after this plane he might be quicker to go with my theme ideas. (Remember the Watermelon?)



I decided that I wouldn’t be able to cut out the Dolphins logo or name in the exact way that it should be displayed, so we cheated. We went to the local sports fan shop and bought stickers that people usually put on their cars. Are you ready for the unveil??


Miami KavalierTAAA-DAAAA!!!! Isn’t it pretty?? Usually my theory is that less is better (unless we’re talking sweet tea… then ignore that previous statement). I didn’t want it to be annoying. I wanted it to be kind of like me… from a distance it looks like any other plane and it’s not until you get up close that you can see the interesting parts. 🙂



Kavalier WingI did a little happy dance when I saw all of the stickers applied and the nose on it. I can’t wait to get it up in the air!






Kavalier FuselageEven the sticker on the fuselage looks good. I’m currently on the search for the perfect material to use for the wheel pants. I’m going to make them like the wheel pants on the LT, but they have to go with the theme of the plane.




Miami PilotJay even made the pilot a dashboard with a couple of instruments and a steering wheel. Isn’t that cute?? I didn’t want the poor pilot to be bored and feel like he didn’t have anything to do with the flight of the plane. Let’s see how the pilot feels about his new ride…




Kavalier PilotIt looks like he’s ready to see what this plane can do!! Hopefully he has his barf bag ready for when Jay maidens it. lol





The Kavalier is just about done. There are a few little details left (like gluing the canopy to the wing), but we could take it out and fly it tonight if we wanted. I’m just so excited! I can’t wait to see it in the air. Jay is going to set up a plane on the simulator that will fly in a similar manner to the Kavalier so that I can get used to it before the snow melts and we can actually get up to the field.

Don’t worry, though, just because Jay has finished my Kavalier doesn’t mean that he’s bored. He’s currently working on a Sniper that he got for Valentine’s Day. When I get a chance I will post pictures. In the meantime, Jay is being professionally supervised to make sure that he’s doing everything purrfectly…

Jay's Supervisor

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