Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

DC KerryWeek 3 Weight Loss: 3 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 6 pounds

Yeah! I lost a few pounds! Woo-hoo! I wish that it was more, but I will take what little that I can get at this point. Beggars can’t be choosers… lol

Despite my gloomy mood last week I somehow managed to keep from eating up everything that I could get my hands on. I definitely wanted to, but I found other things to keep my hands busy. I also completely stopped drinking diet pop. I had a dizzy spell last week that I wasn’t sure if it related to my sinuses or to the artificial sweetener in the diet pop. Either way I haven’t had a drop of it since last week. I’m not sure if that contributed to my weight loss, but it sure didn’t help!

When the dentist pulled my wisdom teeth I should have had him pull my sweet tooth at the same time! I crave something sweet right after lunch. It takes all of my willpower to keep myself from going into the payroll guy’s office where I know he has a drawer full of chocolate. It is so hard! I keep sugar free gum at my desk in fruit flavors so I usually end up chewing a couple of those in the afternoon.

I have also been trying to drink more water, but as my husband can attest, it just makes me have to use the bathroom more often. *sigh*

So exercise and willpower are still my biggest problems. I suppose that I will have to deal with one or both of them soon if I am going to continue to lose weight. I must be doing something right, though.

Any tips on how to deal with my sweet tooth?

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