Happy New Year!

SupervisingHopefully you have fully recovered from your holiday hangover. As you can see, Chester is starting to come around, but she’s wondering whose pants she is laying on! I told her to be careful, that she couldn’t handle her licker, but nope… she just had to lick the Christmas tree skirt! Jay said that she must have licked the entire top because he saw her start on the bottom of it. *sigh* Silly cat!

Well, it’s been another year! There were lots of sad things that happened, but there were also a lot of very good things. I choose to concentrate on those instead of lamenting about the disappointments. You can’t change them so why worry or stress about them?

A lot of people make resolutions, but I don’t. Instead, I make intentions. This way they feel more like a To Do list that if I don’t accomplish all of them then at least I don’t feel like I’ve failed. After all, how many people actually keep their resolutions? Not many. Here are a few of my intentions for 2013:

1) Shower Jay with love and affection

2) Continue working on our home to make it feel more like ‘us’ and get a little more settled into our new life together

3) Become more involved in the Church, join some of the committees or participate in a few of the group things

4) Find a new job that is much closer to my new house and hopefully it will be a job that I can love. I miss loving my job. I miss liking my boss. *sigh*

5) Become a better housekeeper. I’m not that bad of one, but I could be better.

Anyway, those are some of the intentions that I have for this upcoming year. They will keep me busy, but they are projects that will be well worth the time spent on them.

What are some of your intentions for the new year?

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