Christmas Bookshelves

In my previous post I mentioned that Jay was building me bookshelves for Christmas. It has been my wish to have a library in my house where I could display all of my books at once. When you have over 300 books just on the Civil War, a lot of space is required in order to pull it off.

Library bookshelvesOur library has a giant wall without any heat vents or windows. It’s perfect for bookshelves! I believe that Jay measured it and we discovered that we have 152″ of wall space.




One BookshelfYeah for bookshelves!!!

This is Jay’s own design. They are roughly 4’x6′! This is one section. There will be three, total, next to each other against that wall. I can’t wait!





Jay in his workshopHere is my Sweetie, working hard to put the shelves together so that I can stain and polyurethane them.





Building the bookshelfThe second one is in progress. Almost done!






12 Feet of ShelvesThe three phases of shelf building. I can’t wait to get them stained and into the library! I am hoping that all of my books fit on there. If not, I guess that I will have to decide what stays and what goes. This was the best Christmas gift that Jay could have ever given to me. I can’t wait to see all of my books lined up on these shelves where I can see them every day. I’ve never seen all of my books out all at one time. It’s so exciting!!

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1 Response to Christmas Bookshelves

  1. Jamie says:

    Yay for bookshelves! I do love having a Kindle for books that are worth reading but not worth owning a copy of, but there’s nothing like real, hard copy books lined up on shelves at your fingertips. 🙂 They look beautiful so far and I can’t wait to see them finished and lined with your books.

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