7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, Ch 4 – Media

Surprisingly, I was neither upset or impressed with this chapter. That might make this blog post fairly boring. Just thought that I would give you a heads up.

This isn’t about giving up anything coming from Mainstream Media (though I feel that would be a VERY good practice for all people… the mass media are irresponsible and not doing their jobs properly so they should all be fired). Instead, this is about giving up the electronic devices that have really started to distract us from every day life. Ms. Hatmaker listed their electronic devices and I’m sure that you probably have a similar list. In their house (with a bunch of kids) they had: four gaming systems, two MacBooks and one desktop computer, five TV’s, three cell phones (at least two being smart phones), a DVR, two DVD players, three Nintendo DSs, and three stereos. WOW. To me, that’s a LOT of electronic devices.

Growing up our family had two TVs, one gaming system, one desktop computer, one VCR, and at least three radios. Even now when I’m out on my own I don’t have that many electronics in my house. Let’s see, I have one laptop (on which I’m currently typing), one TV, one DVD player, one Roku device (love it!), one iPod, one Kindle Fire, one cellphone (of the stupid variety – it doesn’t even have a camera), and two radios. Hmm… maybe that is a lot.

Jen felt that they needed to cut themselves off of this mass electronic stimulation that they are constantly getting. In their household they eliminated the TV, gaming (video games), Facebook/Twitter, iPhone apps, Radio, Texting (with limitations), and Internet (with limitations). I bet that you can figure out what the outcome was for this chapter. In the end they realized just how much time they are losing by sitting in front of these electronic devices for hours on end. They end up becoming closer as a family and really enjoying themselves. Am I supposed to be impressed? *sigh* I suppose that in this modern and fast-paced world it should make a person very impressed to know that another individual could possibly live for one month without Facebook or Twitter.

I could never give up the radio. I listen to that for the local news and weather in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. The car radio is always on in case a good song comes on that I can sing along to. At work I listen to the Ace & TJ show out of Charlotte, then Glenn Beck, and finally Rush Limbaugh. These guys get me through my day. So no, I can’t give up the radio.

I have pretty much given up regular TV. The only TV that I have has the Roku box hooked up so that I can watch stuff on Netflix or most of the time it’s on The Blaze TV. That way I can listen to Glenn Beck’s program, or Pat & Stu, when I’m cleaning or doing various things around the house. I don’t own a gaming system, so I can’t give up something that I don’t have. I mainly text Jay, so I’m not giving that up. And the Internet…. I don’t think so. How else would you read my blog??

Facebook and Twitter are another thing, though. I do have a Twitter account, but I can’t tell you when the last time was that I actually looked at it. I also have a Facebook account, but I’ve been ignoring it a lot lately. The games on there basically waste my time. I could be reading or stitching instead of tending my ‘crops’. Most of the rest of Facebook is just shared pictures or shared sayings. You do have the person or two who insist on constantly posting their complaints and sorrows. You will have another person on your list of friends who has nothing better to do so they post every single little thought that pops into their head. Seriously? I’ve backed off of it and only go on there when I have to. There are many people who refuse to communicate through anything except Facebook (which can get irritating!). Those people either have to remember how to use e-mail to contact me, or else they are surely going to miss having me in their life. Giving up Facebook is a lot of fun and more people should do it!

So that’s my wrap up for this chapter. No big surprises around the corner. Stay tuned when I review the next chapter on waste. Woo-hoo!

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