Weekend Flying

Saturday was the first day of shut down for Jay so he had to celebrate by going out flying that evening. I was surprised to see so many guys at the field. Recently there have only been three or four at the most, but Saturday at one point there were about eight or nine of us. Or maybe it just seemed like it because we had quite the nice flight line going.


Jay had finished working on one of the foam F-16’s that he built, so he had to maiden it. He used the same kind of fan that he put into the Hobbyking MiG, and it gave this jet a really neat whoosh sound. It’s a different sound than the MiG, but it’s still neat. Jay tossed that one around for a little bit, making notes of little things he wants to tweak on it.


One of the guys, Mark, had purchased a stock set-up model of this jet from Jay, but after seeing this recent version he’s decided that he needs an upgrade. As he put it, “I think that my jet is really fast until Jay gets out here and starts flying!” That’s my Sweetie! 🙂





Another guy at the field that night had his foam F-16 that he had purchased from Jay, but that night he dorked it in. Luckily it just needs some epoxy to fix a couple of cracks and a new nose cone. He really lucked out on that one! That’s him in the picture out picking up his jet.



Sam brought his newly built Rascal out to the field to maiden it, too. I can’t recall what the wing span is on this one… it’s something like 109″ or 110″, I believe. I took this picture because I think that my LT-25 (the yellow plane in the picture) is big, but it looks small as compared to the Rascal.



Jay is trying to drum up interest in the combat foamies, so he took my watermelon up to the field to fly. I hadn’t seen it fly yet, so this was exciting for me. And yes, the guys do like my melon. 😉



Woo-hoo! Flying melon!!





It’s just too bad that once I am able to fly this plane that my goal will be to crash it into another combat foamie. lol





I was able to get more time in on the sticks. I was still only controlling the elevator and ailerons, but I had a couple of pretty good landings. Tuesday when I was buddy-boxing with Jay he gave me the throttle and my flight was not nearly as smooth. And my landing was VERY rough. Oh well. As I practice I will get better.


Since we were up there so late I managed to get some really pretty pictures of the clouds. I just wanted to share them with you.





Have a good day!

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