One Year!

I’m sure that you guys are tired of reading my blog posts were I go on and on about Jay. If that’s the case then I won’t be offended if you wish to skip today’s post. Today’s post is going to be all about Jay and me gushing over him. If you decide to continue reading it might be a good idea to have a bucket close at hand just in case you need to puke. 😉

Once upon a time, in a city by the lake, there lived a prince. This prince wasn’t into playing sports or hanging out at the local club. He dated a few of the young maidens in the city, but none of them really held his attention. They were either too materialistic, or else they were unable to hold intelligent conversations. The Prince started to believe that perhaps they were wrong when they claimed that there was somebody out there for every person. If so, then where was she??



Across town a young lady sat in her library, sighing as she stroked the gray cat who was fast asleep on her lap. Yet again she’d had to deal with hearing from others, who felt that they had the right to give her advice, that she needed to find a husband because she wasn’t young anymore. She had almost given up and decided that perhaps living out her life surrounded by books and her cats wasn’t such a bad thing. However, a cat couldn’t converse with her or laugh at her jokes.

Tired of sitting around, the young lady decided to see what was happening, and perhaps drown some of her sorrows in a glass of wine. She decided that it might be wiser if she went across town so that she wouldn’t have to run into anybody whom she knew. The last thing she needed was a rumor about how she was an old maid with a drinking problem! Walking into the unfamiliar pub, though, she was afraid that she had chosen the wrong one. It was almost filled to capacity. In fact, there appeared to only be one stool left in the whole place, and that was at the bar. Usually she would have preferred a table, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Stepping up to the bar she asked, “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Suddenly the most beautiful pair of blue eyes was looking at her, and with a slight smile he said, “Apparently it is now.” Sitting down she wondered if he was going to talk to her again, or if he would just ignore her. One never could tell. She didn’t have long to wait before he was asking her, “Do you mind if I buy you a drink?”

They sat there talking and laughing for hours. They discussed his hobby of star gazing and her hobby of reading. She described her cats’ personalities and told entertaining stories. He regaled her with stories of the more entertaining times he spent in the military. All too soon the pub was closing down and they had to leave. As they stood outside they decided that they needed to get together again, as soon as possible.




They spent every free weekend together. She learned about his various hobbies and interests while he took a liking to her cats. He let her babble on and on about the latest book she had read. She began to learn about the stars and the planets. Being around him always made her smile. He looked forward to her company and missed her presence when she wasn’t around. They were falling in love.


It’s strange. If you’ve been in many relationships it can seem like you bounce from one person to another. Yet, when you find that special person who just ‘gets’ you, it’s like you can’t get enough of them. You don’t let their little quirks get to you. You love them as much for their failings as for their successes. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever fight, but if you do there’s a much better chance that you’ll be able to forgive each other and move closer together. Being together means feeding off of each others strengths and letting them help you when your weaknesses prove too much. You need to know that they will be there for you, just to hold you, when the weight of the world crashes down and you need a good cry. Never settle for ‘good enough’. You need to make sure that it’s more of a ‘Good God yes!’ kind of relationship.

Jay – Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been the best one of my life and I look forward to spending many more with you. I love you. :-****


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