My Combat Foamie :-)

When Jay and I were at SEFF we were really excited about the combat portion of the event. After watching combat on Thursday and Friday we had a grand vision of seeing these combat foamies at our air show.

It was a giant swarm of bees, constantly churning, and only falling out of the sky after the battery finally died. lol. Even if they did make contact there was very little, if any, damage. Jay and I were excited about getting the other guys in the club to do combat with us. We bought one of the foamie kits and assembled it a few weeks ago. As I watched it fly for the first time I knew what paint scheme I wanted to put on it.

Was it something fierce? Perhaps terrifying? Maybe strength personified in a piece of foam? Nope, it was something much… stickier… than that…

A watermelon!!! lol I know what you’re thinking, and Jay asked me the same question, “Why a watermelon?? Where did that come from?” I have absolutely no idea. I saw the shape of the plane and it just reminded me of a watermelon. Maybe it’s because I’m a little ‘fruity’… a little bit of an odd duck. lol Either way, I’m quite impressed with my paint job because I am not an artist. I can’t even draw stick figures. :-{




This is the underside, the ‘rind’. Part of what convinced me about the watermelon paint scheme is that you have to have enough of a contrast between the top and bottom of the plane that you will be able to tell which side is which when it’s high in the air. After all, you don’t want to think that it’s right side up, so you pull back on the elevator stick to go up, but instead you end up diving straight into the ground because you were actually inverted. The pink and green contrast perfectly. Jay test flew it and he said that it looks great.



I’m so very pleased with myself. This plane turned out almost perfect! Look at this shot… If you cut off a part of it you would almost think that it really was a real watermelon.




So once I can fly by myself, this plane is all mine! The guys at the field even liked it and I look forward to them teasing me about it. 🙂

I already have another combat foamie paint design in the works…



This is the stash of combat foamies that Jay has assembled. We have a couple of the other guys interested in them, so we’re hoping that they will want to buy one so that we can put on a good combat show in August.



While I was having fun painting my foamie, Jay was being very productive. He’s sold three of these foam EDF F16 jets in the last week. He enjoys putting them together and has worked out the kinks so he knows exactly where he needs to strengthen them to make them perform really great. He’s been so busy building them for other guys that he hasn’t even had a chance to build one for himself! I think that his is in line next, though.

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