Cross Stitched Warthog

My latest cross stitch project is one that my Sweetie asked me to make for him. He found a picture and thought it would look neat cross stitched.

Pretty cool, eh? So I purchased the software that was needed to convert this into a pattern and I’m hoping that it turns out okay. I’ve never converted a picture into a cross stitched pattern so I’m anxious to see how this turns out. If you notice, though, there’s a LOT of blue. I mean, a LOT of blue. On the pattern the first thirty rows are just sky.

That is approximately twelve rows so far. Only eighteen more to go! This is why I haven’t updated the blog with my pictures. There’s really not much to show. Yet.

I was looking at the calendar today to see what the date was when I started this piece. I keep track of my starting and ending dates of the pieces that I stitch. Well, I remembered that I was down at my sister’s during our trip to SEFF in April. That’s when I realized that the date I started this was April 23rd. Since today is the 17th it’s been almost a month since I was on vacation! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. It makes me sad to think about, too, because I had such a great time. I wish that I was still there…

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