Warthog Project 4-8-12

Are you ready for some Warthog?? I am very fond of this jet and I can’t wait to see it in flight. I have requested that the maiden flight be done when I can attend, but we’ll have to see how itchy Jay gets to put this up in the air. It’s very close to being ready for that first flight. The only worry is… will it fit into the car?? lol

Here is the A-10 back in February. As you can see everything has been painted. It is all gray in color, it just needs some details and the canopy put into place.




And there she is! Okay, I know that you can’t see her face very well. Don’t worry. You’ll get a closer look in a little bit. First you have to stand back and just admire the beauty before you. Look at all of the power that whispers to you from the fans. The wings are itching to take flight. The gun is yelling, “Let me at ’em!!” I can almost hear the strafing runs…


Awww! Isn’t she pretty! Don’t you just want to go and pet her under the chin? “There’s a good Warthog… coo-chee-coo!!”





The guy who made up the stickers for Jay really did a great job. Between the hog face, the Air Force decals, the miscellaneous lights and hooks… they all look really great.




You can somewhat see the “hooks” on the wing in this picture.





To give you an idea of just how much these stickers add to the detail of the plane, here’s the vertical part of the tail after Jay had done his detailing to it. It looks nice, but still needs a few details…






Isn’t it amazing what a few extra little things will do?? We have hooks, formation lights, and some more identifying marks on here. I really wish that you could see it in person so that you can soak it all in. Jay has really done a great job on this build and I couldn’t be prouder. It is VERY impressive.

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