Feeling Icky

This is how I felt at work this afternoon. I felt like curling up in my cubicle and going to sleep. Ugh. I’m not sure if I somehow got glutened (which doesn’t make sense because I ate the lunch that I packed myself) or if I somehow picked up a bug. If I did get a bug I’m hoping that it’s just a 24 hour one because I have too much to do this weekend to be laying around. That and I want to see Jay. If I’m feeling ill then I will have to stay home because I don’t want him to get what I have.

I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I’m not nauseous or even have a stomach ache. It just feels like I’ve done a million sit ups, but it’s all in one area. I was fine until after lunch (thus the reason why being glutened sneaks into my mind). The only thing that I can think is that possibly there were crumbs in the area around the microwave and I might have accidentally picked up some and ingested them in some way. We are all grown women and yet those who use the toaster never clean up after themselves. It’s a bit frustrating.

When I finally got home I laid down and took an hour long nap. Then I thought that maybe I should try to eat something because I was feeling a little bit hungry. It’s so weird to feel hungry, but not want to eat. I had a baked potato hoping that would help. It is sitting like a rock in my stomach now. *sigh* This sucks. I hate feeling like this. All that I want to do is crawl into bed and have somebody rub my back. The cats are unwilling to indulge me, though. Oh well. I hope that you all are feeling much better than I am!

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