Beginning of a Library

Last week I put the paint on the walls of the front bedroom, which will hopefully be transformed into my library. Monday night I painted the trim. Tonight my parents brought over my one book shelf and more boxes of my books. I still have seven boxes of books at their house, though. lol

This is just to show you what it looked like before I started filling it up with stuff. My dad is supposed to be making me some more book shelves because I’m definitely going to need them.






Here is that same corner. As you can see I have my book shelf filled already. There are three boxes sitting on the floor with more books waiting for a home, plus I have at least three boxes in my other bedroom. That’s not counting the seven at my parents’.



This is the other corner of the room. I hope to move the desk in front of the window and then set either a smaller book shelf to the right, or possibly bring my filing cabinet out of the closet and place it there. Also, do you see all of the framed pictures I have to hang? I have to figure out where the best spots for all of them to go will be.


Here’s one more picture of my shelf. Can I tell you how happy it makes me to see my books lined up and on display? They aren’t in any kind of order right now, but once I have more shelves and can organize them you bet that I will have a system set up. lol. I just tried to put some of my favorite ones out on the shelf for now. Here’s a question for you… does the lace curtain look silly in a library that will be housing books on the bloodiest war our country has ever had? I like it, though. I guess it screams ‘Kerry’. All history and hardcore Civil War on the inside, but feeling the need to frill it up a little on the edges. lol


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