Kobra Project Week 3/4

I didn’t update this project last weekend because I was grumpy and forgot to take pictures while I was at Jay’s. I have corrected that this week and would like to show you the progress that’s been made on this plane. It really is a cute little thing.

This is what it looked like two weeks ago. The tail was not attached, the nose wasn’t quite finished and some modifications needed to be done on it. This plane is going to have a prop on the front that is run by an electric motor and the kit was designed for a gas engine to go on the front. Thus the need for modification.


This is what it looks like right now. Look at it! Can’t you see it straining to be racing through the air? You can tell that it’s frustrated by sitting still. Poor Kobra!




I wanted to remind you of what the nose looked like. This is why Jay had to modify it. Although, it is a pretty motor. lol. Take note of the square nose and edges.




Isn’t that gorgeous? We have a nose cone installed and can you see how perfectly the curve of the noise lines up with the cone? I am impressed because the rounding of it looks so good. It all had to be done by hand, and made quite the pile of sawdust, but what a great job!


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