Meteor? Comet? Shooting Star?

Tonight I saw the most amazing sight! I wish that I’d had a chance to get my camera, or even to get Jay’s attention in time for him to see it. We went out on the porch with Jay’s telescope to look at Venus and Jupiter. As he was adjusting everything and getting the planets into view I was just looking up at the sky to see what was going on. I glanced down for a few seconds and when I looked back up there was this giant orange streak heading across the sky!

It looked something like this, but not as bright. Or maybe it just didn’t seem like it because the sky wasn’t completely dark. When I saw it I said, “Hey, Jay! Jay!” I was so excited and amazed at what I was seeing that I had a hard time articulating the fact that there was a burning ball of something in the sky. By the time Jay looked up, it was gone. 😦 I wish that he had seen it so he could verify what it was that I actually saw. I’ve looked online for images that resemble what I remember it looking like in my head, but I could be remembering it incorrectly.

Either way, it was a very interesting sight and one which I won’t soon forget.

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