The Kobra Project – Week 2

First off,  I have a correction that has to be made. When I have incorrect information then I will do my best to fix it. I don’t want anybody getting the wrong idea, and I’m definitely not perfect. I was reminded that the Kobra was the third plane that Jay ever built, it was not the first. Technically this will be the third Kobra that he has put together, but there were a couple of other practice planes in there before he got to this one. Either way, he’s VERY good at building them or modifying them to his specifications. I love watching him work because he makes it look so easy. His work is beautiful when he’s done, too.

Last week he started on the wings. Do you remember what they looked like?

Yep. He had the skeletons put together and he was starting to mark out where he was going to put the landing gear. You can see the retracts here in the picture. A week will give you some decent time to get things done. Are you ready to see what they look like a week later?


Aren’t they pretty?? Where all you had was the skeleton before now we are adding some flesh and some sinews. You can see that the landing gear has been installed and the beginnings of boxing it in has begun. Also, if you look you can see that he’s got the ailerons going. I wish that you could touch it because the sanding job is wonderful. It’s so smooth!

I wanted to give you another close up of the wing last week. At this stage it actually reminds me of the toothpick bridge that I had to build in high school for my physics class. Except, the ratio of wood to glue on the Kobra is MUCH higher than my bridge. lol


See the difference? If you look towards the leading edge (I think that’s what it’s called) of the wing you can see how rounded it is. Per what I’ve been told, that was a square piece of wood that had to be sanded down and shaped just right. In fact, when Jay wasn’t looking I ran my hand over the edge a few times just to enjoy the smoothness of it. I didn’t want him getting a big head about how good he is. lol

Last week when I left his house all that he had put together were the wing skeletons. This week he has most of the pieces assembled.

Look! We have a fuselage! Okay, so right now it doesn’t look like much. In fact, it kind of looks like it should be used over in Venice with a little guy standing on the back steering the pair of lovers through the canals. Shhh… don’t let Jay know that I likened his fuselage to a gondola. lol


With the pieces arranged the fuselage has lost its boat-like look. If you were wondering, Jay went into the Navy to fly planes, not to ride around on the boats. So he will be happy that it doesn’t look like a gondola now. lol



This plane was originally designed to house a gas-powered engine. My sweetness, however, has decided to modify this Kobra to have an electric motor. That means a slight bit of engineering on his part, but that won’t be hard. After all, my sweetie is WAY smarter than most engineers. Believe me, I know. I work with a bunch of them! This is going to be a nice looking plane once it is finished.

Finally, I just wanted to show off the motor because I think that it’s so pretty. In person it’s a really pretty color of blue. That’s the only reason I took the picture. lol



The color scheme has yet to be decided. Are there any suggestions? We need a color scheme that will enable Jay to know which side he’s looking at when it’s up in the air. Besides, having it a solid color makes it boring. You need a little bit of pizzazz. Any suggestions will be considered. Thanks!

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