Cubs Quilt Square 3-4-12

Last week seems like a blur, so I don’t even remember how much time I had to actually sit and stitch. This little quilt square doesn’t seem like it should be taking me this long to finish, but it is.

Last week:

This was when I was working on the white that surrounds the ‘Cubs’ part of the design. It was very hard for you to see just how much of the white I had to do.




This week:

This gives you a slightly better idea of what I was talking about. Between the blue and the red is a whole bunch of white! I actually have a little more of the blue stitched, but I was glutened this weekend so I’m not feeling like dragging the camera out and uploading things. You will just have to wait until next week. Hopefully by then I’ll be just about done. 🙂


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