Weird Dream

I should probably wish every body a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you enjoyed good company and good food as you gave thanks for being fortunate to have been born in this great country of ours. Today after Jay and I were done with the festivities at his mother’s house he had to come home and take a nap because he had to work tonight 😦 I laid down with him because a nap sounded nice, and I had a pretty strange dream.

First off, I’ve had this dream before though in a slightly different way. My sister has told me in the past that when I’ve dreamed a series of dreams over again that my brain has run out of new material and is running reruns. lol. This was like a modified rerun. I won’t tell the entire dream for it’s not worth telling, but here’s the interesting part…

Jay was in the dream with me, except the guy didn’t look like Jay. I turned to him and said, “You’re Jay, but how come you don’t look like Jay??” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I was wondering why you don’t look like Kerry, either.” I looked in the mirror and I was short and petite with a short hair cut, and my hair was straight and almost pitch black. I looked at what we were involved in (it had a political statement that I definitely wouldn’t agree with if I was awake) and I laughed. “This isn’t anything like us!” He agreed. I said, “If it’s my dream why would I dream us like this??”

I was critiquing the dream itself… while I was dreaming! LOL. How many people do you think can say that??

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