Ten Random Thoughts

Okay, I haven’t blogged about anything light-hearted and fun in a while so I thought that I would do this post. Here are 10 Random Thoughts that I’m having right now. Ready?

1) 🙂

2) You aren’t supposed to hate anybody. You’re supposed to learn to love them. Okay, let me give this a try… I would LOVE to see Congress fall into the ocean and have to see if they could avoid the school of blood-thirsty sharks waiting for them.

3) My fingers are aching. At least they are looking better. Note to self… be careful next time I am cleaning with bleach and make sure to dilute it with more water. That will prevent chemical burns. Or, wear gloves. Your choice.

4) I wish that I could afford more cats, like the ones in the barn, but yet I don’t want to scoop more poop. Too bad the cats couldn’t clean up after themselves.

5) Would it be really evil if I stole a certain pair of nail clippers? Don’t you think that God would understand?

6) I was told tonight that I’m “stately”. I take it that’s a good thing. Especially since it was coming from Jay’s mom. She seems to be impressed with me. Yeah! 🙂


8) What am I going to wear to work tomorrow? I don’t feel like ironing. I wonder how warm it’s supposed to get? Will I be walking?

9) I need to make a banana cake next week, but when am I going to have time?? *sigh* It will get done.

10) I have some really REALLY awesome friends. 🙂

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