My Mom’s Wares

In the summer my mom goes down to the local flea market with her flea wagon (my dad calls her trailer this) and does her best to sell some of the things that she makes. I wanted to take a moment and brag on her, if you will let me. lol

I’ll start out with my mom’s wine bottles. These are bottles that she inserts christmas lights into and then decorates them:

She also makes necklaces and earrings:

My mom also crochets. Here are her doilies:

Washcloths that she’s knitted:

Then are the crocheted angels and the toilet paper rolls on which she embroiders various designs:

Most of what my mom makes is baby stuff. Her crocheted afghans:

The fleece blankets on which she crochets the edge:

Her hooded baby towels that kids can use for years:

The baby bibs she’s been making:

Not to mention the burp rags:

Just when you think that she couldn’t possibly make anything else, that’s when you notice her pillows:

But wait! There’s more! Her rag rugs:

Including one of the rugs that she made out of jeans:

Isn’t she amazing??

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