For a long time I’ve told my mom that she needs to take pictures of the quilts she makes. She is a wizard with the sewing machine, thread, and needle. I took some pictures this weekend to show off to you.

I had help, too. Apparently he thinks that the ‘B’ stands for Bissell. lol

This is the Double Wedding Ring quilt that my mom made for me a few years ago. She made the rings entirely out of scraps from her sewing room. As I look at the quilt I can pick out fabric from my other quilt, or from my sisters’ quilts. It is a Full quilt and she hand quilted it. Here is a full size shot of it:

Our next quilt in the showcase is Chrissy’s quilt. I honestly don’t know what the pattern is called, but it’s in Chrissy’s colors (pink and green):

This is a twin size quilt because it was used mainly on her day bed in the living room. Well, that and when she was in ICU my mom took this quilt up there so that she would be warm. This one was machine quilted on the dining room table. If you look back up at my B quilt you will recognize the green from this quilt. Here’s what the quilting looks like:

The next quilt is a different one. I’m not sure what the pattern is or why my mom decided to make this one, but it’s pretty (Bissell helped me with the picture for this quilt, too… lol):

And then it wasn’t enough for Bissell to be helping. Chester had to help, too. I think that they were checking the back for any errors. lol:

Bissell was upset that Chester dared to get under the quilt with him. He was giving her a look as if to say, “Just what do you think YOU’RE doing??” lol

The last one that I want to show tonight is one of the quilts that my mom made on one of her treadle machines. She sewed the blocks together on the treadle and did the final quilting on her long arm quilter. She loves the treadle because she says it gives a straighter and more consistent stitch than any of her electric machines. I believe that she said this pattern is called Disappearing Nine Patch (please excuse the background, but I took it when she had it hanging at the flea market):

I believe that this is a full sized quilt as well. It might be twin, but I almost think that it’s a full. This is made of really pretty fabric. Here’s a closer look at it:

These aren’t even half of the quilts that she has made. I am bound and determined to get pictures of all of them so that she can at least have an album of her work. I take pictures of my finished cross stitch pieces and I enjoy going back through to look at them.

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1 Response to Quilts

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow – those are beautiful! I don't know whether to be inspired or despair because I've got so far to go before even beginning to approach such expertise! Thanks for sharing them.

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