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Music Makes Me Sing

I remember watching the Miss America pageant when I was around the age of 4. One of the contestants was playing the piano as her talent. Something struck a chord with me (no pun intended) and I knew that I … Continue reading

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Great New Music

I know that some of you aren’t impressed with Glenn Beck, and I understand. However, I ask that you please read the rest of this post because he is doing something really great. In a week Glenn will be holding … Continue reading

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Audible Memories

Music is a powerful thing. It can say it all without having to say a word. You know that at any moment somebody is going to be eaten by a killer white shark when you hear that bu-dum… ba-dum… ba-dum … Continue reading

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Some Nights – Fun

A few months ago I posted on my blog about the video for the song We Are Young by a newish group (at least to me) that calls themself Fun. Despite my confusion with the video and the lyrics, I … Continue reading

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