Christmas 2021 – Jay’s Projects

Now that all the presents have been handed out, I can post the pictures. One of the first projects I want to share with you is something that Jay has actually been working on for a few months. His mom wanted a nice wine rack and gave him a picture to show him what she wanted.

Wine Rack Picture

“Save $201!”

I’m not sure if he used the dimensions on this paper or if he discussed with his mom how big she wanted it. He drew it up in SketchUp and used some oak pieces that we had brought home from his mom’s camp (before she sold it). After a few cuts, some gluing, and then finishing this is what he made:

Wine Rack 12-2021

I think this one is a bit deeper than the rack in the picture. It was also supposed to be as tall as his mom’s kitchen counter, but I made him add felt to the feet so they wouldn’t scratch up her newly finished floor. That raised it about 1/4″ above the counter. Oops.

Wine Rack 3 12-2021

He did a beautiful job on it.

We took it over to her house the other night when she was gone so that we could surprise her.

Wine Rack 2 12-2021

The next woodworking project Jay completed was a gift for me. I had asked for a box that would allow my 403A to sit in my main sewing table. I took pictures, but somehow I didn’t download them to the computer and I want to get this post published tonight. It looks very similar to this one:

Sewing Cabinet 6 4-17-20

But it fits my 403A, which I used to sew the lunch bags and really like using now.

Singer 403A

It is currently in its place and I’m so happy! I have a list of sewing projects a mile long and I can’t wait to get started on them.

Another Christmas gift Jay made for me were some little shelves.

3D Puzzle Shelves 2021

They are on my finishing table for staining and poly-ing.

You may be wondering why I asked for a bunch of little shelves. What could I possibly want to put on them?

3D Wooden Puzzles on Entertainment Center 2021

3D wooden puzzles!

I would like to reclaim the top of my entertainment center. They are neat to look at, and Jay spent a lot of time assembling them, so I told him we can put shelves up in the family room to display the collection. After all, this just scratches the surface. There are about a dozen in the basement.


One last set of items Jay worked on for Christmas gifts isn’t exactly woodworking, but they were made on a lathe (does that count?).

Turned Seam Ripper 12-2021

This was the one he made for me. The pictures do NOT do this justice. It’s gorgeous in person.

Have you guessed what it is?

Turned Seam Ripper

It’s a seam ripper (which will get a LOT of use in my sewing room!) with a small and large end. I also asked him to put a bit of a flat on one side so that when I set it down on my table it doesn’t roll away. He made one for his mom, my sister and my mom. I didn’t take pictures of those ones, though. Just imagine them as purple, pink and really shiny.

I guess that’s about it for Jay’s Christmas projects. He’s currently working on a project that involves something he received for Christmas, so I’ll post about that when he gives me the pictures.

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