Advent Wreath Stand Repairs

Five years ago Jay and I created an Advent wreath stand for our church.


It was a labor of love and it turned out really beautiful. We used wood from the pews of the old church (our church was rebuilt in 2000-ish).

A few weeks ago Jay received a phone call from our priest. It seems that a group of boy scouts who use the church for their meeting had done some damage to the stand. He hoped we would be able to fix it.

From the sounds of it the stand was still assembled (the arms were on it) and it was standing out on a ‘stage’. The boys had been climbing on it or something. I didn’t get pictures of the damage before it was repaired, but a foot was completely broken off, the top of it was gouged and one of the arms had a gouge in it, too.

Why haven’t these kids been taught that you don’t touch things that aren’t yours? And that if you’re using somebody else’s space you don’t mess around with their stuff??? Also, why were the arms still on it? We used the same hardware that is used to assemble bed stands so that they could easily be removed. I even sewed padded sleeves for the arms to be stored in so they wouldn’t get dinged up. Where are they???

Luckily Jay was able to work some magic and put it back together.

Wreath Stand Repair - Arm

This is the bottom of the arm that was gouged. You can see where Jay filled in the area with another piece of oak and then sanded it smooth. I touched it up with a bit of stain and some poly.

Wreath Stand Repair - Finger

While we have the stand at our house he also upgraded the ring holders. Before they were just some screws that he had soldered metal holders onto so that they could be adjusted in and out. This time he put some threaded inserts in the arms and made some threaded rods that can easily be adjusted and shouldn’t break.

Wreath Stand Repair - Armpits

We didn’t repair this one, but you can see that it got dinged, too.

Wreath Stand Repair - Foot

The poor foot! The slice that took it off matched up so well that you can’t tell it was apart. To strengthen this, and the other three feet, Jay added some screws at angles to hold them a little better. Then he wallowed out the gouge on top and filled it with another piece of oak. He then sanded and contoured it after the glue was dry. It doesn’t look perfect, but it will be in the back where it won’t be easily seen.

Finally, as I was taking these pictures, I found a spot on the leg that was scratched up, too.

Wreath Stand Repair - Leg

Not too bad, but it’s there.

Jay will take it back to the church sometime this week so that it will be ready for Advent. Hopefully those children have learned to keep their hands to themselves! Stinkin’ kids…

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