A Bullet Mold

I told Jay that I needed pictures from him so that I wouldn’t upset my followers. After all, if I posted another crochet project there might be a riot. Luckily, Jay had a project waiting in the wings. Apparently somebody where Jay works reloads his own ammunition, but was having a hard time finding bullets. Attempting to make a bullet mold was a challenge that Jay was willing to accept.

Jay has downloaded the pictures to my computer and left them for me to post here. I have not discussed any of these with him, so let’s see what he left sitting on the desktop.

Bullet Mold 1

Make sure that you have enough energy to get through the mold-making process; eat your aluminum popsicle first. It will give you strength and fortitude.

Bullet Mold 2

At first I didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking at in the picture. Then I saw them peeking up over the vise. It’s difficult to determine what’s what in the picture when everything is the same color.

Bullet Mold 3

Quick as a wink you have two metal blocks and some pins. Don’t drop the pins, though, because you’ll never find them.

Bullet Mold 4

Okay, I see a piece of round stock in the lathe…

Bullet Mold 5

The round stock is now wearing a turtleneck…

Bullet Mold 6

<Insert dirty joke referring to ‘just the tip’ here>

Bullet Mold 7

Today’s PSA: Don’t drink and lathe…

Bullet Mold 8

And just like that you have the perfect shade of lipstick for that special tin woman in your life.

Bullet Mold 9

All that work and you cut it in half? Why didn’t you only turn half of it if that’s all you wanted?

Bullet Mold 10

Add a couple drops of water and watch it grow before your eyes! Oh, nevermind, it was just turned around.

Bullet Mold 11

Two Sil-ver Rings….

Bullet Mold 12

That is a very tiny bayonet. It needs to be pointier if you want it to actually work.

Bullet Mold 13

Oh, I see! It’s actually a cutter to make the mold indent for the bullet. That makes a lot more sense.

Bullet Mold 14

“Open wide…”

Bullet Mold 15

Actually, the cutter is reminding me of the wooden paddles you would get with the cups of ice cream when you were in school. Man, I could really go for a vanilla ice cream cup right about now.

Bullet Mold 16

Once the bullet is poured you have to be able to get it out easily while keeping the re-alignment of the mold quick and easy. Mold Hinge.

Bullet Mold 17

I suggested that Jay use Elmer’s glue. He went with bolts instead. I thought he wanted a challenge…

Bullet Mold 18

And just like that you, too, can have your own personal bullet mold!

Bullet Mold 19

Unless you have a very small funnel, you’re going to need to add one more thing to this mold.

Bullet Mold 20

Not only is it a funnel, but it also slices and dices! The next time you need to cut up carrots for a salad reach for your trusty bullet mold!

Bullet Mold 21

Don’t forget to add insulated handles. Otherwise things are going to get a little hot. Let’s see if it works…

Bullet Mold 26

We’ll drizzle a little of this into the mold…

Bullet Mold 23

Voila! A bullet! Let’s see if we can do that again.

Bullet Mold 26

A little more of this…

Bullet Mold 25


Bullet Mold 27

I could do this all day.

Bullet Mold 28

But I’ll stop here.

And that’s how you make a bullet mold!

Next week we’ll attempt a jello mold. Stay tuned.

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