Project Linus Blanket #38

Project Linus Blanket #38:

Project Linus Blanket #38 9-19-21

“Grandma’s Good China”

This was one of the blankets that I kitted up in 2019. It’s always a surprise to me when I open up the totes, pull a bag out, and look at the colors and my little diagram. Most of this yarn was Red Heart Super Saver, but the wide stripes of variegated yarn were some of the Nicole Stitch Studio that I purchased when A.C. Moore went out of business.

As I was crocheting the blanket the colors reminded me of faded blue and white china that your grandma would have in her china cabinet. My grandma didn’t, but I’m sure somebody’s did.

Project Linus Blanket #38 Detail

In this post I also want to share the latest Annie’s Caring Crochet kit that I received.

ACC - 09 2021 Project Linus

This month’s charity is Project Linus. Gee… where have I read about that charity before? 😉

Since I’ve been contributing to this charity for a few years now, I’m not going to do a separate post for this kit. The one thing I would remind anybody who is going to crochet for these charities is to make sure that you check the group’s website before working on your project. I say that because when I saw the pattern that was included this month I knew it wouldn’t work for my local Project Linus.

ACC - 09 2021 Pattern

The woman who runs our local chapter specifically tells knitters and crocheters to be careful when choosing “holey” patterns because little fingers and medical equipment can get caught in them. I’m not sure she would like this pattern. That’s okay with me, though, because I can still use the yarn. I’m going to use a much denser stitch and make a slightly larger baby blanket. I’m going to try to gear it more towards a boy (since my chapter coordinator is always in need of boy blankets) so I dug through my stash of baby yarn to see what I had that would match. I think I came up with a couple skeins.

ACC - 09 2021 Yarn Plus

I have a few skeins of white and a light mint green that seems to go with the green in this striped yarn. I couldn’t figure out what yarn this is so it might be a discontinued yarn. Who knows. We’ll see how it crochets up when I get to that blanket. I tried to get a better picture so that you can see how well these colors go together.

ACC- 09 2021 Yarn Colors

I wish I had some of that blue to add, but the green will work.

This will end up being blanket #40 because I already have #39 ready to be photographed. My fingers have been busy!

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