A Crocheted Summer Top

A few months ago I received my Summer 2021 issue of Crochet! magazine and fell in love with the Seacliff Tunic.

Seacliff Tunic CSUM2021

I purchased the cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby using one of the gift cards I had received for Christmas. I bought three cakes each of the Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton Solid in black and white. I will be able to wear the black and white version with more of my skirts and dresses.

This pattern has you start out by making the front and back white medallions. As I was working on the front medallion I was really confused because the directions I was reading didn’t match the picture in the magazine. When I read the directions for the back medallion (to compare to see what the actual differences are between the two) I realized that the woman wearing the top in this picture is actually wearing it backwards! I’m not sure if they did that to show it doesn’t really matter which side you use as the front, but it had me confused for a little while.

I started making this pattern using the 2X/3X size directions, but once I got to the black mesh I realized that was going to be WAY too big. The problem is that I wanted the length. The finished length for the largest size is 29.25″ including the hem edging. What I ended up doing was using the L/XL stitch counts for the width of the garment, but I used the 2X/3X for any of the length measurements. This ended up working out a lot better.

Seacliff Tunic Finished 5-21-21

This model was bargain-priced and I really got what I paid for!

I think the top turned out really nice. It’s heavier than I expected, but I think it will work great for the office. It’s heavy enough to keep me warm in the A/C, but open enough with the mesh that I won’t overheat when I go out in the sun.

Seacliff Tunic 5-21-21

Seriously, this model really should not quit her day job…

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