MORE Crocheted Hats!

This past spring I started crocheting hats for guys in a local faith-based program that helps them to heal from various addictions. I thought it would be nice for them to receive a crocheted hat for Christmas. Many of these guys have next to nothing for possessions, let alone something that was handmade for them. Well, we are approaching the Christmas season so I need to finish these up and get them to the program director soon. My goal was to make about 60 hats, but that just is not going to happen. I might be able to make a couple more this week, but as of right now I only have 41 ready to go.

Hats # 30-32

Crocheted Hats #30-32

These were all made using yarns that I’ve used for previous hats.

Hat #30 – Discontinued Yarn Bee yarn

Crocheted Hat #30

Hat #31 – Ice Yarns Magic Light in Grey Shades, Copper

Crocheted Hat #31

Hat #32 – Lion Brand’s Z Twist (I used two colors held double)

Crocheted Hat #32

Hats # 33 – 34

Crocheted Hats #33-34

These look familiar because I used the same yarn, again, on two other hats.

Hat # 33 – Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in a discontinued color

Crocheted Hat #33

Hat #34 – Same Hobby Lobby Yarn, but with an additional yarn added to finish it off

Crocheted Hat #34

Hats # 35 – 42

Crocheted Hats #35-42

I was looking around and found that Premier Yarns has a worsted acrylic yarn with color combinations to fit various sports teams. For Christmas I wanted to make a hat for a friend using his favorite team’s colors. Premier currently has this on sale. You get five skeins of yarn for $10. So technically one of these hats will be used as a Christmas gift for that friend. I made the others because it’s a fairly popular team in this area so I knew some of the guys in the program would also be big fans.

I had been making more of the “traditional” hat with the ribbed brim.

Hats 35 – 37

Crocheted Hat #35-37

Crocheting that brim really eats up a lot of yarn. I did find it interesting that I managed to get three different patterns out of it, too. I didn’t try to do any kind of color controlling. This is just what happened on its own.

Then I thought that maybe some of the guys would prefer the beanie style. After making one of those I realized how much quicker I could crochet a hat, so I made the rest in this style.

Hats 38-42

Crocheted Hat #38-42

Again, it’s interesting how the pattern fell into place without me doing anything to make it happen. I did a reverse single crochet around the edge to finish it off. I did run out of yarn on the fifth one of these, so I finished it with some black.

Other than hats, I’ve also been going a little wrap crazy. It seems that pocketed wraps are quite popular right now. I have seen several patterns come out recently and there are many different variations that I’ve been seeing in the catalogs. The pattern that I used for my sister’s wrap (which I still have to sew the button on) is very simple so I’ve been crocheting up a few more for gifts. I hope that the recipients like them.

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  1. Karen says:

    I know I appreciate mine and use it all the time! Love you lots, Kerry!

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