Staying Cool in the Workshop

It’s been very warm. I usually don’t like to run our A.C., but I think I’ve had it on for the last week. Over the next few days the temps are suppose to hover in the 90’s area. That’s fine with Jay because he’s been spending a lot of time in the basement workshop.

Jay Planing

Here’s some fun trivia.. As I write this post he is in the basement wearing a sweatshirt to stay comfortable; I am in the very top of our house wearing next-to-nothing in order to stay comfortable (it’s a DIY sauna up here…).

Jay hasn’t been hanging out down there just to stay cool. He has also been making a lot of progress on the various projects.

He handed the Cat Food cubby off to me, so I’m in the process of painting it.

Cat Food Cubby 7-6-20

The bird food cubby is mostly assembled and has been placed in the library to get it out of his way.

Bird Food Cubby 7-6-20

I guess technically it’s at the finishing stage, but I just don’t have the time to work on it right now. I’ve got sixty other things going on. I do want to show you an up close picture so that you can see what a nice job he did on it.

Bird Food Cubby Routed 7-6-20

He routed the planks and matched them up all the way around. He’s so talented!

He had to get this out of his way so that he can work on the next giant project.

Workshop TV Center Drawing

Here is his drawing in SketchUp. Yes, it’s another organizer of sorts. Let me give you a hint…

Workshop TV Center Area

One of his 30 year old speakers bit the dust. When he replaced it he decided to go for the full surround sound setup. Since he’s put so much money into this stuff he has decided he needs a cabinet for it to sit in where he can kind of control the dust. He knows where everything is going to go on it, but I forgot what he told me. It’s going to be wonderful, though. I’m just happy that it will help protect his investment.

I was told tonight that he has the majority of the upright pieces cut to size.

Workshop TV Center Pieces 7-6-20

He has minimized the scrap from this project, too. Instead of using boards on their side, he cut them to whatever height they needed to be and then glued them side-by-side like this:

Workshop TV Center Board 7-6-20

Kind of smart. There are a lot more pieces that need to be cut, but he has a decent start on them.

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