More Mid-Winter Machining

Jay has been busy.

Scrapped signed

Just kidding! That’s not what he’s been working on. Adding to it, yes. Making screws, washers and bolts, no. He’s still working away on this CNC Router holder.

CNC Router 3D Holder

I don’t have a picture of his most recent work on the carriage, but it’s impressive. I’ll give you a big hint… he’s using linear bearings. I’m such a tease! I can show you one thing.

CNC Collar Stock 2-12-20

That’s it.

Actually, it’s the start of two collars for the feed screw (or whatever the screw is called that causes the spindle to go up and down). Jay was told that he needs more action shots, so that’s what you are going to get!

First, we need to chuck the stock in the lathe.

Three jaw chuck:

CNC Collar Chucked Up 2-12-20

Two jaw Chuk:

Chuk and his toolbox

Now that the stock is secure it gets the first cuts taken:

CNC Collar Cut 1 2-12-20


(here comes the action shot)

CNC Collar Cut 2 2-12-20

Jay needed the OD to be 16 mm. Let’s see what the calipers measure.

CNC Collar Measure 2-12-20

He was very proud that he got it within .03 mm of his desired measurement.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

CNC Collar Parting Cut 2-12-20

The next step was to drill a hole for the straw.

CNC Collar Set Screw Hole 2-12-20

Sorry. It looked a bit like a flask and I got confused.

How do they look?

CNC Collars Finished 2-12-20

Almost pretty enough to wear!

From start to finish Jay said it took him an hour and a half to machine these.

CNC Collars Installed 2-12-20

Not bad!

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