Project Linus Blanket #27

Project Linus Blanket #27

Project Linus Blanket #27 11-2-19

“Cartoon Cowboy Boots”

I apologize for the picture, but now that daylight savings time has ended I’m not home when it’s light out. Pictures come out best when they are done in the natural light so I had to find the best place to take a picture in the house. It was not easy!

I can’t believe that I’m already on blanket #27. I was just looking and at the beginning of the year I was only on #16. That means I’ve made an average of one blanket every month this year. Apparently my hook has really been flying!

I had to call this blanket Cartoon Cowboy Boots because after I started with the dark brown and then went to the buff stripe it reminded me of the colors that would be used in cartoon cowboy boots.

Cartoon Boots

Project Linus Blanket #27 Cowboy Boots

Do you see it? That’s all I could think about when working on it.

I actually crocheted one of the variegated stripes while participating in my local Project Linus’ sew-in day that they had on October 19th. I was the only non-sewer there, but that was okay. The ladies chatted with me and they all loved my afghan bag that I use.

crochet bags with dividers

I watched them make jelly roll and Nine Patch quilts. I was very proud of myself for attending because I had wanted to hermit that day. Instead, I actually went out and was somewhat social! There may be hope for me after all. 😉

I used three solid shades of brown and then two different variegated yarns for this blanket. And yes, I still have to weave in the ends. But that’s one more down and one less bag of yarn sitting in my sewing room!

Project Linus Blanket #27 Stripes

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