Project Linus Blanket #23

Project Linus blanket #23

Project Linus Blanket #23 7-4-19


Bob’s buddy, Darth Vader, helped me take pictures of this blanket. This was my vacation project. A few weeks ago we drove down to my sister’s and stayed with her for about six days. It’s a nine hour drive so I always take something with me to keep my hands busy. It makes the other drivers really nervous, though, to see me crocheting while I’m behind the wheel! Hahaha… just kidding. I’m perfectly happy not driving, and Jay doesn’t know how to crochet (he won’t let me teach him), so it’s up to me to do the stitching.

Either I’m getting quicker at stitching, or else I had a lot more time to do it than normal, but this blanket stitched up really fast. We were there until Friday and I finished it on that Thursday. Thank goodness I had taken two projects with me so that I had something to work on during the nine hour trip home!

Project Linus Blanket #23 7-4-9 Detail

Two of these colors are the A.C. Moore brand (the lightest and darkest greens), and the other colors are Red Heart Super Saver. Again, if you’ve never used Nicole’s Stitch Studio from A.C. Moore you are really missing out. Except for the fluke with the variegated yarn from blanket #22, I LOVE this yarn. It’s soft, squishy and stitches up like a dream. It was always a big disappointment on this one when I had to switch to a Red Heart color. The good thing about Red Heart is that once it’s washed the fiber softens up a bit.

I always wash my blankets before I hand them in to my local Project Linus chapter. I have to because I always have to de-cat them. Especially when somebody thinks that I made this blanket just for her:

Chester on Blanket 7-6-19

There were two other blankets sitting on the piano (it’s the one place where the cats usually won’t sleep), but she insists on sleeping on this one. It is Chester Approved. Look how happy it makes her! When I picked it up to weave in the ends she just about had a fit because I moved it. I don’t look forward to the verbal beating she’s going to give me when I donate it.

While we were visiting my sister we went to her local Goodwill where you buy stuff by the pound out of the blue bins. I love that place! I held myself back, but for $10 I managed to get a pile of fleece for cat blankets and a bunch of receiving blankets.

Goodwill Fleece 7-6-19

That Cowboys blanket has at least 3 yards of that material, plus a backing of gray fleece in the same size. Sitting on the table is at least $60 worth of fleece.

Then my mom was going through her craft stuff. She no longer sells at the flea market near her house because they shut it down. She doesn’t really have any where else to set up and sell, so she gave me a bunch of blankets that she had so that I could give them to Project Linus.

Babe-Project Linus Blankets

Here are two fleece blankets with crocheted edges, plus a squishy crocheted baby blanket. This is a really neat stitch. You have to see it up close.

Babe-Crochet Project Linus Blanket

It’s coiled! My mom would probably say that it’s an easy stitch to make, but I’m sure that I could have it goofed up quite quickly.

But wait… there’s more!

Babe-More Project Linus Blanket

Two more fleece with crocheted edges, and then three crocheted blankets. I really like the yarn that was used for the very left blanket. It’s so pretty!

Babe-Crochet Blanket Detail

For some reason it reminds me of gummi candies.

I have already washed my mom’s blankets and double checked for cat/dog hair. They are in a Ziplock bag ready to go.

Wait a minute, where’s Bob? Has anybody seen Bob?

Bob on Fleece 7-6-19

“I’m just trying it out to make sure the other cats will like it,” he told me. Apparently this fleece is Bob Approved.

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  1. Palimpsest Living says:

    That’s an impressive haul! I love the colors on the Pistachio blanket – they’re a beautiful combination. Congrats on getting some of your yarn used up… every little bit puts a dent in the pile, right? : )

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