Fall Woodworking in Jay’s Shop

We seem to be creeping closer to Christmas, so Jay has been busy working in his workshop. I can’t show you one of the things he’s been working on, but I can show you a few of the other projects.

Jay’s mom wanted a jewelry armoire for her birthday. Her birthday was in February (which was the birthday that this was supposed to be the gift for). Here is where it stands as of today:

Jewelry Armoire 10-31-18

It has shelves and trim. We’ve looked into hinges and purchased some hardware.

It does have doors:

Jewelry Armoire Doors 10-31-18

I’m thinking that we might actually get this done by her next birthday.

To be fair, though, it’s not completely Jay’s fault that he fell behind on this project. After all, his wife keeps asking him to make things.

Like steps for Chester to use in order to get onto the bed:

Chester's Bed Steps

And steps for Chester to use to get onto Bob’s bench:

Chester's Bench Steps

And a mop sander for his wife’s current project:

Mop Sander Jig

(This still has to be assembled)

Then there was the box mounted onto the cupboard to hold garbage bags:

Garbage Bag Box 9-29-18

And last, but not least, there was the platform bird feeder that was requested:

Platform Bird Feeder

Yes, that’s right. ANOTHER bird feeder. But this one has a roof to keep the rain and snow off of the seed. And the mourning doves (which are Chester’s favorite) and the Blue Jays will be able to eat out of it better than the regular feeder.

Platform Bird Feeder 2

He is building a frame that will have window screening stretched across it, that will sit down in the feeder. The seed goes on that so the rain and snow that does get in will be able to seep through to the drain holes in the bottom.

I think that we’re going to end up with a bird Taj Mahal before too long!

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