Spring Cross Update – 10-17-18

At the end of August I had finished the top half of the cross:

Spring Cross 8-23-18

In the last few months I have been making sure that I get my stitching time in the morning. Even though Jay is working 2nd shift I have been getting up at his 1st shift time. This gives me anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour to sit and stitch before getting ready for work. It is definitely paying off. This is where I was as of October 9th:

Spring Cross 10-9-18

The full stitches are complete! There are no more full cross stitches to be made on this piece. All that’s left to do are the background words and the back stitching. Do you want to see how it looks altogether?

Spring Cross - Full- 10-9-18

Isn’t it pretty?! I have started to think about framing and what I want to do for this piece. The first thought is a regular medium oak frame. Since it’s a Spring cross I want it to be somewhat light. And actually, I might get a frame custom made for it at Hobby Lobby. It’s getting more and more difficult to find a frame with the correct backing. I’m going to keep thinking about it as I work on the words.

On October 17th I finished the words on the right side of the cross:

Spring Cross 10-18-18

As I was stitching the words on the left side last night I said to Jay, “Spelling backwards is difficult!” I almost spelled ‘compassion’ like ‘comassion’… I completely forgot the ‘P’! Luckily I realized this in time and was able to fix it. The words should be done by the end of the week. How exciting!!

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