Gary’s First Vacation

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but we’ve been super busy. First we were preparing to go on vacation and then we actually ran away for a week. When we got back, though, Jay’s grandma passed away so we’ve been busy with everything surrounding that event. Hopefully things will begin to settle back down into our usual (and boring to everybody else) routine.

Instead of dwelling on the sad, though, I want to share some highlights of our vacation with you. This was Gary’s first trip south since he moved north several years ago so he was very excited.

Gary in the Car

Before I had all of our luggage loaded he had jumped in and could barely contain his excitement. He was looking forward to spending time by the pool.

He’d even bought new glasses for the occasion.

Gary in Car

I’d barely had my first cup of coffee before Gary was in his swim trunks ready to go.

Gary Ready for the Pool

He had even grabbed the sunscreen! He burns so easily.

He wasn’t really impressed with his hat, but I insisted that he wear it. I told him it would help to keep him cool. He kept it on for the most part.

Gary on the Boogey Board

I was worried about his bald little head getting burned, but he didn’t care. He wanted to throw the hat to the side of the pool, but he was having difficulty keeping his balance.

In fact, he was a bit nervous as he’d never been swimming before so Jay went in with him just in case.

Gary Supervised

That’s when Gary spotted the green tube and wanted to try laying in it.

Gary Relaxing

I insisted that he at least keep his hat close at hand, so he did.

Once Gary had started to get pruney he decided that he should get out for a while. There was a comfy-looking lounge near the pool, so he laid on that for a good portion of the day.

Gary Sunbathing

He didn’t look very comfortable, but he insisted that he was. In fact, this chair ended up being one of his favorites. Here he was, later in the week, watching the airplanes fly overhead:

Gary Plane Spotting

When he heard one coming he would look around until he spotted it, then he pointed it out to us. Every. Single. Time. Gary might be a bigger Propellor Head than Jay! (Since they call guys who love cars ‘Gear Heads’ I feel that I can call guys who love airplanes ‘Propellor Heads’.)

It was a very relaxing vacation, which we badly needed. It was beautiful every day that we were there so we had a bit of a ritual.

In the morning we would sit by the pool and read.

Gary Reading by the Pool

Then we would jump in the pool for a few hours.

Gary Afloat

Then later in the afternoon we would sit poolside to read more of our books.

Gary Reading

And even though we had a great time, it’s always nice to get back home.

Chester Just Chillin

Chester kept a lookout for when we pulled in the drive way. She wasn’t the only one who was excited to see us.

Tina Greets Gary

Tina was so excited that she knocked Gary over!

So that was the relaxing portion of our vacation. In an upcoming post I’ll share some pictures from our trip to the amusement park. Gary wasn’t able to go with us, though. He stayed home with Aunt Kimmy because he’s too short to ride any of the rides.

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