Spring Cross Update – 7-15-18

Spring Cross 6-24-18

On 6-24-18 I was still working on the flowers and branches that make up the left arm of the cross. It felt like there were a lot of greens and shades of yellow on this side.

Things at work were starting to get a little stressful, so in order to keep the majority of the hives away (I don’t want to go through another round with stress hives!) I made sure to spend at least 20 minutes in the morning just stitching. I even managed to fit a few hours in one night… instead of doing the dishes. We must have priorities!

So, here is where we stand as of 7-15-18:

Spring Cross 7-15-18

All of the full stitching is complete on the left side. I am currently working on the background words. Then I will start on the back stitching, which is how I’ve done the other crosses, too. I can’t wait to get the flowers back stitched so that the detail will really pop! I’m kind of curious about the butterfly, too. He was actually a pain to stitch. After I had done a lot of the stitching on him I realized that he was not placed where the pattern showed he should be. I somehow managed to get him a stitch or two out of place. Instead of ripping him out and starting over I decided I would fudge the letters when it comes to the words around him. That’s really all that will be thrown off. In fact, if I hadn’t said anything you guys probably would not have known that there was anything wrong.

Remind me to keep my big mouth shut next time. 😉


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