Prayer Shawl #3 – May 2018

I didn’t intend to crochet another prayer shawl. It just happened. You see, when I went to Atlanta in May I took enough yarn to make myself a fancy black shawl:

Black Shawl Day 1 - Atlanta

We headed to Atlanta on a Tuesday so I crocheted on the flight down and for a few hours in my room before the game. Wednesday I had a few hours here and there to crochet, but Thursday night we had an hour and a half rain delay… which led to the game being called for rain. Needless to say, by Thursday night I was almost finished with the shawl and I still had four more days left on my trip!

Then Friday morning Sarah came down with a horrendous stomach bug (boy, was I thankful to have my own room at that point!!) and so I knew that all of Friday was going to be spent in my room. But the shawl was almost done! What would I do if I finished it?!! This called for drastic measures to be taken! I had seen a Hobby Lobby two days before when we had been out and about, so when I made a run to get Sarah some ginger ale and crackers I took a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to get more yarn. For a second shawl.

Prayer Shawl - Atlanta 2018

When I picked the yarn I figured that I would have more things to go with this shawl than with some of the other variegated colors. Why did I have to pick a variegated color? Because. That’s why. Anyway, this shawl kept my fingers busy for the rest of my time away plus on the plane ride home. I really only had a few rows plus the trim left to do once I was back.

Prayer Shawl - Atlanta 2018 Detail

Then I started to think about how very little I wear the other two shawls that I currently have, and that doesn’t count the fancy black one that I still haven’t blocked. So I decided to give this shawl to the prayer shawl ministry at church.

Blocking the Atlanta Shawl

Once I blocked it (and de-catted it), I handed it into the ladies at church. I hope it goes to somebody who will really appreciate and love it.

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