Review: CAT Air Compressor

In an effort to share what we’ve learned, Jay and I are going to start posting some product reviews on the blog. I’ve asked him to take a look around his workshop and start compiling a list of products that he would like to review. The first one is:

California Air Tools (CAT) Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

CAT Compressor

Model #5510A  1hp 5.5gal compressor

Ultra quiet = 60 decibels!

Go to the California Air Tools website to watch videos and hear just how quiet these air compressors are!

This is a 2 stage air compressor.

It does 0 to 120 PSI in 1 min 53 sec.

It goes from 0 to 80 PSI in 1 min!

CAT Gauges 2

It is all aluminum, which makes it light weight.

When it’s running you barely know that it’s there. You can continue to hold a normal conversation without a problem.

CAT Butt

It also has two handles for easy lifting.

Here is the list of things Jay likes about this air compressor:

Quiet running; No need to stop conversation

Low vibration – set on thick carpet or mat for nearly silent running

Fast fill up and recharge.

Use with nailers, staplers, air ratchet, air brush and paint guns (small).

It has a ball valve drain, not a screw type.

CAT Air Drain

Jay timed it and it can go from 120 PSI to 0 in 20 seconds when you have the drain wide open.

CAT Gauges

There are only two things that Jay would improve about this particular model:

Bigger tank. (He said you can use a stand alone tank if needed)

Manifold with 2 quick disconnects. This only has one, but he plans on adding an adapter so that he can have two air tools hooked to the compressor at once.


Overall, this tank has quickly become one of Jay’s favorite tools. It is well worth the money that you pay, which really is not extravagant. You can find them on Amazon for reasonable prices.

The first time Jay used this I didn’t even realize that he’d been running it. I was in our family room and as I walked through the kitchen I could smell wet paint. He had used the air brush to do some painting and I hadn’t even known! With his other air compressors I can be upstairs in my sewing room and hear them running. Not with this little guy! I give it two thumbs up!!

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