Smaller Woodworking Projects

Previously I have posted the gifts that I sewed for Jay’s cousin’s baby. I had an idea for Jay to be able to make something for the baby, too. His cousin’s husband is a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan, so this was done to include him as well.

Diapering Box

Doesn’t that look great? Jay had to import a picture of the logo and then trace every line.

Diaper Box Bottom

To tie the box in with the rest of the gifts I decided to line it with some of the flannel that I used for the burp clothes and bibs. Since I was going to cover it I didn’t bother staining or finishing the bottom or sides of the box.

Lined Diaper Box

I didn’t do the best job with the lining, but it works.

Lined Diaper Box Bottom

And it has hockey-themed lining!

Filled Diaper Box

The finished product! My thought was to have a box with all of the diapering supplies in one place. This way if you need to change a diaper you just have to pick up the box and take it to whichever room you’re going to change the diaper. After all, how many people actually use the changing table more than a few times??

There was one other project that I asked Jay to use his woodworking skills to solve.

Crochet Bag Before

This is my crochet bag, which I absolutely love. It has zippered compartments with holes on the top so that I can fill them with different yarn colors and use them as I need. The problem is that it didn’t have any structure to it so it was difficult to pull the yarn out when the top was collapsing on it. So, I did some measuring and put in my request with the operations department.

Crochet Bag Plywood

Here are the pieces all sanded and ready to go. Can you guess what they are for?

Crochet Bag With Support

Isn’t that great? I have already filled them with yarn and am working on my sixth blanket for Project Linus. It is a lot easier to pull my yarn, now, plus if I need to do something different with the bag I can just remove the plywood pieces. Okay, so it didn’t require a lot of woodworking skill, but it has made me so happy!

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