Quilt Show – Part 3 – NSM

quilt-show-quilt-9This will be my last post about the quilt show that my mom and I attended. I apologize if it gets really long.

I have a few more random quilts to show, plus a technique that I find to be really interesting. If I was into quilting it might be the path that I would head down.

Heck, since I’ve talked about it I guess that’s what I’ll start with…



quilt-show-quilt-10I can’t recall what my mom said the name of this technique is, and I’ve searched for it but apparently my random words that I’m punching into Ask Jeeves just isn’t finding the answer for me!

This quilt looks neat, doesn’t it? All of those beautiful patterns and colors go so well together.

There’s a reason why they go so well together…



quilt-show-quilt-10-originalAll of those blocks are made from the exact same fabric.

I know! It blows my mind, too.

If it’s not, it should be called the Kaleidoscope technique because that’s what those squares remind me of when I look at them. How many of you had a kaleidoscope when you were a kid? Such a silly little thing, but it kept you entertained, didn’t it?


quilt-show-quilt-10-squares-1Look at this fabric kaleidoscope…

Just sit and soak it in for a bit…





quilt-show-quilt-10-squares-2So many different, and beautiful, patterns with the same fabric. To be honest, I wouldn’t give that fabric a second glance on the bolt, but in this arrangement… wow!




quilt-show-moon-quiltHere’s another kaleidoscope quilt.

My mom explained how it’s done, but I was only half listening because I was too busy just looking.




quilt-show-moon-quilt-square-3You can kind of see the original fabric around the edge that is used for all of the blocks.

Very old world style.






quilt-show-moon-quilt-square-2I really don’t have much to say about these because I just can’t find the words to describe it. You truly have to just sit and look.





quilt-show-moon-quilt-square-1Very neat.






Babe's Tropical Quilt 2This wasn’t at the quilt show (in fact it’s laid on my mom’s bed for this picture), but this is a quilt that my mom made using the same kaleidoscope technique. So this is what it would look like if you didn’t separate every block with a border.



quilt-show-contemporary-quiltWe walked around looking at more quilts. I was a bit surprised that my mom loved this one. To me it feels very contemporary and not at all the usual traditional style that she likes to make.

She loved the colors, which were more impressive in person. She liked the black and yellow mixed with the soothing tones of gray. She had made a quilt with black and gold, but my friend bought it for her sister who is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. That definitely wasn’t the thought my mom had in mind when she made it!


quilt-show-tiny-quiltThere was another type of quilting going on that had my eyes hurting.

See all of those little squares within the blocks? They are pieced squares! With very tiny stitches!





quilt-show-tiny-quiltingHere are my very ugly fingers to give you an idea of how small these blocks are up close. This isn’t the same quilt, but I wanted you to see the size.




quilt-show-small-quilting-hangingThis one might be easier for you to see.

See how small the pinwheels are when I’ve put my big ol’ hand up to it?





quilt-show-small-quilting-hanging-close-upLook at those tiny pieced squares!!

I love to do tiny cross stitching, but I think that this quilting style might cause me to go over the edge of insanity.

No, thank you!

Moving right along…


quilt-show-small-quiltingOh look, now it’s ganging up with its buddies!

It probably has Banty Rooster syndrome…







quilt-show-wooden-ornamentsNot only was there quilts made out of fabric, but one of the vendors actually does wood piecing!

These ornaments are all essentially wood inlays on plywood.

You really had to see these in person to truly appreciate their beauty.


quilt-show-wooden-boxHe even made boxes and other items, including jewelry, using this same design technique.

If I had more patience I might try to convince Jay to help me with this. You can’t cut these little pieces on a table saw, though.


quilt-show-vendorsThere were all kinds of things to look at and buy. We each bought a few things, but not a whole lot. Our main interest seemed to be just looking at the quilts.




quilt-show-mugsThe humorous wares would pop out at us now and again, too.




quilt-show-celestial-quilt-hangingI’m not sure how many pieces in total were at the show, but there were a lot of them.

There was enough variety that it wasn’t like you were seeing the same quilt all of the time.





quilt-show-quilt-2I think that you would be hard-pressed to find anybody who couldn’t pick out at least one piece there that they liked.

There was such a big variety!





quilt-show-quilt-6Whether you like the traditional scrappy look.







quilt-show-swedish-quiltOr you wanted something to remind you of your Swedish heritage.

<I’m not sure if that was the intent behind this quilt, but it screams SWEDISH to me… which I am… >





quilt-show-darth-vaderHopefully you enjoyed these posts. I know that I did.

Now, as one of my favorite quilts at the show would say…

Live Long and May the Force Be With You



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